Shirt Stay Plus Originals

Military Steals and Surplus

$ 17.50

Shirt Stay Plus Originals

Key Features:

Extremely Durable

Elastic band that feels better on your legs
Adjustable clip ensuring that once adjusted, it will not readjust
Clip w/ nylon teeth that grips onto your shirt/socks
Clip ensures shirt stay will keep your shirt tucked in
Stitched multiple times ensuring durability

Color: Black


Shirt Stay Plus ® Originals* are designed to keep your shirt tucked in. Package includes four (4) individual elastic straps. The straps are made of a durable elastic material that has been field tested to be long lasting and comfortable. Shirt Stay Plus ® Originals consists of one metal clip that connects to your shirt and one metal clip that connects to your sock on both the front and back of each leg. The metal clips have nylon teeth that firmly grip your shirt without any damage and will not slip off. The adjustable buckle allows for a perfect fit and will not readjust during use.

Military & Law Enforcement Tested.

Made with Advanced Industry Materials.

USA Made!

Condition: New

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