Rhine Air Inc, Mdl NF 21-1, High Pressure Ambient Air Breathing Pump, New

Rhine Airn Inc.

$ 4,500.00

Rhine Air High Pressure Ambient Air Breathing Pump

Model NF21-2

Serial No 02049

The units five horsepower three phase electrical motor is explosion proof rated and factory wire for either 230 volt-60 cycle AC current or to 460 volt-60 cycle AC current.

Designed for use in unsuitable respiratory areas/job sites. It is portable, electrical driven high pressure pump which provides breathable air through two filter snorkels mounted inside the unit. The unit uses a five h.p. electric motor that drives an oil-less piston pump. The unit is equipped with replaceable filters on both its inlet and outlet manifolds. The filters are designed to remove particulate matter ½ micron or larger. Th breathing unit with its outlet manifold can supply filtered air for one to three maintenance personnel simultaneously. The breathing unit also includes a 0-100 p.s.i. air pressure gauge and manually set regulator-relief globe valve.

Condition: New. Has been in long term storage.

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