Packing With Retainer, 5330-00-618-0593, 73010837


$ 2.00

Packing With Retainer

NSN: 5330-00-618-0593

Construction: One piece

End Item Identification - w/s: aircraft, eagle f-15; light weight tcan an/trn-26; generator set 60 kw, 60hz, skid-mounted (2id)(mep-006a); missile, minuteman Igm-30; radar set, lightweight 3d (an/tps-59); generator, 60kw, diesel, military standard family; aircraft, starlifter c-141; generator set, tact quiet, 60kw, 400hz, mep-816a

Outside Diameter: 0.873 inches nominal

Packing inside diameter: 0.531 inches nominal

Material: Rubber packing and steel retainer

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