GNG-230, GNG Series Go-No-Go Military Monitor Cartridges

Facet International

$ 10.00

GNG-230, GNG Series Go-No-Go Military Monitor Cartridges 

Part Number: GNG-230

NSN: 4330-00-461-4047

Manufacturer: Facet International
Product Type: Military Monitor Cartridges
Series: GNG
Min. Structurally withstand Pressure: 150 psid
Flow Direction: Outside to Inside
Flow Rate Per Inch of Length: 1 gal (3.79 L )
Standard Gasket Material: Buna-N
End Caps: Glass-filled Nylon
Nominal Length: 30-7/8 Inch (780 mm)
O.D. 1-3/4 Inch (44 mm)
I.D. 7/8 Inch (29 mm)

The Facet 2" (51 mm.) nominal outside diameter GNG Series Go-No-Go monitor cartridges perform three jobs - they absorb free and emulsified water to less than 2 ppm; remove ultra-fine solids even when surfactants and fuel additives are present; and shut down system flow when hit with a localized slug of water, giving you clean, dry fuel. The GNG Series Go- No-Go monitor cartridges are designed to flow from the outside to inside at a rate of 1 gallon (3.79 liters) per inch of length.

Go-No-Go monitor cartridges meet the latest edition of Military Specification MIL-M-81380C(AS) for Monitor, Contamination, Aviation Fuel Dispensing Systems.

The presence of water or solids in the incoming fuel will be indicated by an increase in the pressure differential or a decrease in the flow rate as the cartridges reach their maximum capacity for solids, water or a combination of both. When either happens, the cartridges should be replaced.

Each GNG Series Go-No-Go monitor cartridge is constructed of various water absorbent media, plus fine filtration layers wrapped around a molded center tube for balanced flow and structural strength - all encased in a protective outer sock material. The end cap material is of injection molded, glass-filled nylon which provides superior strength and ease of maintenance. This material gives excellent support for the o-ring on the mounting/adapter end.

Condition: New but due to long term storage, may have slight discoloration

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