Packing Retainer, 5330-01-128-6704, 1805-D-420, L30577, S90228, New


$ 75.00

Packing Retainer

NSN: 5330-01-128-6704

PN: 1805-D-420 (Axletech International & Meritor), L30577 (CNH America) S90228 (CNH Americal)

Attachment Method: Round Hole

Attachment Feature Quantity: 12

Attachment Hold Diameter: 0.625 Inches Nominal

Cross-Sectional Height: 1.840 Inches Nominal

Center Hole Diameter: 7.625 Inches Nominal

Peripheral Diameter: 11.250 Inches Min and 11.270 Inches Max

Condition: New but due to long term storage, packaging is damaged and will vary.

Packaging may not include label. If you require the label, please let us know.

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