MK-48 Diesel Service Maintenance Kit, P/N:2815NR0365, NSN:2815-01-492-9165

DLA Land and Maritime

$ 350.00

MK-48 Diesel Service Maintenance Kit

P/N: 2815NR0365

NSN: 2815-01-492-9165

Condition: New
Not in original packaging.
We have check all the parts and repack the kit. 
But it will be ship in two boxes.
Cannot be shipped to PO Boxes.

Kit Includes:

Coolant Filter NSN: 2940-01-133-8301 (R-9, A/S32P, P19, A/332P-19A, F-5070, M1070 Compatible)

Hydraulic Filter NSN: 4330-01-232-8305 (M977 HEMTT & Palletized Loading System - PLS Compatible)

Transmission Filter NSN: 4330-01-132-4842 (M977 HEMTT, M915 Series, M916A1, M1070, PLS, P19, P-22, A/332P-19A Compatible)

Primary Fuel Filter NSN: 4330-01-046-3399 (M977 HEMTT, P-10, P15, P-22 Compatible)

Secondary Fuel Filter NSN: 2910-01-022-8183 (M911, M915 Series, M916A1, M1070, A/S32A, LAV, P2, P8, P12, P15, A/S32U-30, P-10, P-22 Compatible)

Oil Filter NSN: 2940-01-197-7106 (M113A1, M113A2, M113A3, M915 Series & M916A1, P-22 Compatible)

6 Flange Gaskets NSN: 5330-01-117-1019 (M977 HEMTT Compatible)

Two #1 Axle Wheel Seals NSN: 5330-01-164-8552 (M915 Series, M916A1, M977 HEMTT, P19, A/332P-19A Compatible)

Two #2 Axle Wheel Seals NSN: 5330-01-162-0414 (P19, A/332P-19A Compatible)

Four Wheel Seals for #3 & #4 Axles NSN: 5330-01-048-6240 (M911, M916A1, M916A2, M917A1, M977 Compatible)

Primary Air Filter NSN: 2940-01-049-7463 (M911, P2, P15 Compatible)

Secondary Air Filter NSN: 2940-01-051-3493

48 Beveled Dowells NSN: 5365-01-120-9671

1 Lock Washer NSN: 5310-00-820-6653

48 Star Lock Washers NSN: 5310-00-995-9455

Air Dryer Dessicant Kit NSN: 4440-01-081-1391 ( M915 Series, M916A1, M977 HEMTT, P8, P12, P10, P15, A/S32R-11 Compatible)

Fuel Water Seal Gasket  (M977 HEMTT, P15, P-10, P-22 Compatible)

Engine Intake Filter Assembly NSN: 2940-01-207-3718

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