Aviation Headset, Black, NSN: 5965-01-121-2319

Astrocom Electronics

$ 60.00

Aviation Headset

Connector Identifying Number: U-174/U type no.

Color: Black

Frequency Rating: 0.2 kilohertz minimum and 5.5 kilohertz maximum

Impedance Rating: 5.0 ohms nominal

Earphone Element Type: Dynamic

Microphone Element Type:Dynamic

Output Level Rating: 100 to 200 microvolts output level

Earphone Mounting Method: Suspended on adjustable headband

Microphone Mounting Facility: Adapter fastened to left side of headband

Connector Identifying Number : U-174/U type no.

Connector to Junction Cord Length : 19.000 inches and 60.000 inches

Condition: Used, does show some wear but in great condition. Unable to test working condition.

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