All-Kleer Motorcycle Windshield & Visor Cleaner, 8 oz Bottle, New!

All-Kleer Motorcycle Windshield & Visor Cleaner, 8 oz Bottle, New!

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All Kleer Motorcycle Windshield & Visor Cleaner
The Plastic Windshield Cleaner that leaves the miracle finish!

8 oz bottle

All Kleer is the perfect way to keep plastic surfaces (including Eisenglass and Strataglass) free of dirt and grime. The super-slick "miracle finish" left by All Kleer makes it hard for any foreign substances to adhere to the plastic while resisting water spotting. All Kleer can be used to clean virtually all plastic surfaces that have a smooth finish.

Perfect for motorcycle, aviation, and marine windshields; visors, eisenglass, and more!

Dissolves grease, bug residue and other substances without water or! Simplifies maintenance.

Nothing sticks but the shine...and improved vision. You can see and feel the difference!

Repels Dust
Super-slick finish doesn't allow dirt and dust to accumulate.Makes cleaning easier the next time!

No ammonia or abrasives. No water needed.

Convenient 8 oz. size with no-leak top is perfect to carry.

Helps Inhibit Fogging
Unique finish helps inhibit fogging. Creates a zone of clear visibility!

~ Shake and apply to surface.
~ Spread and rub with soft cloth.
~ Let dry to a haze (approx. 60 secs).
~ Polish with clean, soft, dry cloth.

Condition: New