2 Ear Loop Face Mask (ELFM) Surgical Mask/Procedural Mask, 3-Ply Latex Free New

First Aid Only, Inc

$ 3.50

Ear Loop Face Mask (ELFM) / Surgical Mask / Procedural Mask

3-Ply Polypropylene Construction

Fiberglass and Latex Free

Units Per Order: 2 Individually Packaged Masks

Condition: New

Use it as comfortable and efficient protection against dust and other particulates.

This mask is 99% effective against bacteria, and resistant against fluids.

Manufacturer: First Aid Only, Inc.

Store masks between -4 F and 100.4 F in a location with less than 80% humidity.

Cautions & Limitations:
This mask is NOT a NIOSH N95 approved respirator.
This mask should be used for the protection against bacteria and nuisance dusts only.

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